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What is the returns policy?

You can return your purchasing item(s) by contacting our Online Sales Department via Line ID: @bakeryland or by phone 095-034-3603 within 3 days after receiving your item(s). We reserve the right not to accept any return if you do not contact us within the 3 days.

Do I have any responsibility on the return shipment cost?

Depending on the product types you purchased. Please contact our Online Sales Department via Line ID: @bakeryland or by phone 095-034-3603 when you want to return your purchased item(s).

How can I return my online purchasing item(s)?

The easiest way to do is at any BakeryLand stores if your address is in Thailand. Please noted that the returned item must be in the original condition and the receipt is required to be shown within 3 days after you receive your item(s) or within 7 days after the receipt is issued. We reserve the right to decline any return that is not complied with aforementioned conditions.

Where can I get the receipt of my purchased order?

The receipt of your purchase will be delivered together with your order. If you do not find the receipt, please contact our Online Sale Department staff immediately via Line ID: @bakeryland or by phone 095-034-3603.

Please noted that receipt is always needed for our returns and exchange policies.

How and when can I receive a refund on myreturned item?

Soon after your returned item is approved, you refund will be credited by another item of equal value within the same day of returned date only.

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